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About the publishing house

Publishing house KARO was founded in 1997, and within fourteen years it has published about a thousand titles, and compact discs with the total print run of more than three million copies. КАRО started with publication of educational books, and books for reading in English language. Later, KARO extended its field of activities, and included books for studying German, French, Spanish, Italian, and other languages. In 2000 KARO published its first books on pedagogics, and since 2004 the publishing house has started to work in a new direction – special (correctional) pedagogics.

KARO’s specialization is foreign language learning books, and literature for experts. Self-study manuals, and vocabulary guides are issued to self-study foreign languages. A lot of books for studying oriental languages have been published lately.

The publishing house also issues a considerable number of books for reading – fiction books in source languages. Many books come with compact discs for listening. All the texts on these disks are read by native speakers.

KARO books are best for:

• schoolchildren

• students

• children, and their parents

• teachers

• tutors

• logopedists

• speech pathologists

• psychologists

• everyone who studies foreign languages.


St.-Petersburg, Chapaeva 15 st. Lit.A,office 205

+7 (812) 332-36-62
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If you have any inquiry involving subsidiary rights, please e-mail us: info@karo.spb.ru